A big anniversary

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Hi folks!

I recently had a look inside the archive of this blog and was quite surprised to find out I have been maintaining it for 10 years now. That’s quite a long time for human standards.

On this occasion I started to reminisce about the past ten years and the ups and downs I had in this period of time. There are very mixed feelings when looking into the past and even more when trying to tell the future.

I feel like I have lost my purpose of being somewhere along the way, but the one I had was not doing me good either. It gave me a direction whereas now I feel aimless, but it wore me down to the bone and made me neglect myself. Nowadays I still have the tendency to disregard my own needs – old habits die hard – but i’m no longer peer-pressured into thinking that it’s alright and that I need to wear me down even more to succeed. On the contrary even, my friends point out my flawed thinking and convince me to take care of myself.

Speaking of friends, I feel thankful for the people in my life. Those I keep contact with from long before and those who came along during the journey. The diversity of life reflected in them and all the different experiences I have had with them tought me a lot. Often I feel guilty of being a burden to them…

Change is probably the one lasting constant of life. I hope to change for the better in the future and never lose my passions.

Ten years ago I wouldn’t have dared to make up characters and stories to share them publicly. Nowadays I’m publishing my own webcomic, where the first chapter has just been completed and the second one is about to get ready for release. And I have ideas and plans for more chapters to come.

Excuse me my rambling in this blog post. It’s just something that occupied my mind lately.

Keep calm and wash hands.

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