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Hi there!

Once again I have to apologise for not having updated my blog in such a long time. But here I am and I’m trying my best to summarise what has happened so far.

Long story short: I was busy. Very busy.

I expected drawing a comic alongside my dayjob would be dificult and time consuming, especially if I wanted to finish it in the foreseeable future. I shelved my other projects, especially the gamedev ones, so I would have the focus needed for this. I’m not entirely happy with this arrangement, since I also enjoy doing gamedev, but I can’t draw a comic and shave a yak at the same time.

So I set out to draw the first comic out of the upcoming series and started out with the storyboards and used those later to create page layouts. I did several iterations on the layouts until I was satisfied. Before that I did not know for sure, how many pages the comic would even have. After that I started with the actual drawing. I did that for a month without a schedule, because I did not know how fast or slow I would progress.

To my surprise I made progress quite quickly and was able to put out around a page a week. A great help in this regard also was the decision to keep the comic mostly in grayscale. With this data I could make a rough estimate and set myself a reasonable schedule. I expect to be finished with the first comic around the end of February next year.

Since I would like my comic to be actually read by people, I also dod some research on how to promote it, once it’s out. There were several options, but in the end I am going to apply at the webcomic collective SpiderForest and already joined their Discord community to get to know each other.

So much for what hapened in the past two months or so. Now you ,ay have a sneak peek at the comic itself:

With all that I wish you also merry christmas and a good start into the new year.

Keep calm and wash hands.

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